Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starting out

Hello everyone.
Let me introduce myself. I am Monna Davies a.k.a kewlmomma on some posts. I named my blog Daydream Circle, because that is what this endevor has been to me for some time now, just a daydream. I have always wanted to share my artistic talent with the world, make money doing what I love, and making friends along the way. I decided the time to make those dreams a reality is now. I'm going to make this blog a place to learn new things, post new ideas, and grow as a person. I want others to be inspired by me as much as I have been inspired by all the talented people I have encountered. I will have weekly features, monthly givaways, and hope to have lots of fun along the way. come join me on what promises to be a great adventure. Oh, and don't ever stop daydreaming.